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Getting things done as a solo worker isn’t rocket science. But growing a successful solo business can be tough when you are doing all of the marketing on your own.

You know that you have the work experience and professional skills to help your clients reach their goals. The secret to taking your solo business to the next level is knowing how to get your practice in front of the right people when they need you the most.

Zero in on the professional niche that honors your skills.

Demonstrate how effective your services really are

Develop a personal brand that resonates with the right audience

Build an online presence that nurtures relationships & lands clients

Expand your reach through relationship networking & generating referrals

Step-By-Step Solutions for Marketing Your Business in Snack-Sized Steps 

Marketing your services effectively isn’t rocket science and doesn’t need to be your full-time job. 

Our courses are like checklists on steroids that will set you up with what you need to to get done in portions that you can complete over a coffee break.

Fast & Easy Training

for Busy Professionals

Our program is organized into bite-sized modules that can be covered over a coffee break.

Intuitive & Self Paced

Learning System

Learn the fundamentals of marketing on any of your devices using our easy to use learning management system.

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ECourses & Ebooks

Soloville’s resources at Coffee Break University offer impactful online courses and ebooks to inspire and propel your business to the next level.

How We Can Help

Soloville & our Coffee Break University are dedicated specifically to helping you expand your reach to the clients that need you the most. Here are some courses we made available to subscribers last year:

Jump Start Success: The Simple, Lean Marketing Plan for Solo and Small Firms

Our simple step-by-step course is designed to get you jump started on creating the marketing plan your practice needs.

Marketing Jump Start: Just the Essentials for Solo and Small Firms

We’ve put together Marketing Jump Start to get you in the right frame of mind to focus on the things that matter most.

Referral System Tuneup: How to Assure Your Continuous Flow of New Clients Starting This Month

Explore just how easy it is to get your head around the basics and start putting your referral marketing system to work.

Power Branding Jump Start: How to Craft Your Identity, Reputation, and Strategic Differentiation to Attract Loyal Clients

This course offers the tools and resources you need to create a brand that represents the unique value your practice offers.

Total Competitive Advantage: Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

This course offers the tools and resources you need to create a brand that represents the unique value your practice offers.


Tips, Advice and POWER Tools for Success Flying Solo

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

2022 goal...double my salary! I know...quite the goal, but after looking around the tech market I think it's doable. My big goal is to get out of debt. I have about 7k including my truck loan and I want it gone. Going from the couch to 10K my friend and I had signed...