Why what makes you special is the secret to your SUCCESS

Total Competitive Advantage:

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

One of the biggest reasons businesses fail to be truly successful is that they never took the time to determine what makes them special. Why should people come to you over someone else in the same field? What is the real reason you’re in business?

5 Course objectives you will achieve from this course:

  • Identify the what and why of Unique Value Propositions
  • Research and gain a detailed grasp of your target audience
  • Use tools and tactics to spy on your competition
  • Identify a product or service that will blow away the competition
  • Write your own Unique Value Proposition

Price: $197.00

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s covered and what’s in the course.

Introducing the Unique Value Proposition

You need to stand out from the crowd. Understand why you need a UVP, and how a compelling UVP will help you focus on your practice’s unique identity in order to appeal to your clientele.

Three Elements of a Great Unique Value Proposition

Hammering out each of these easy to understand elements will not only help you nail down the competition with cunning creativity but will also better establish your brand.

Why It's Crucial that You Know Your Target Audience

Get to know all about your target audience. Your UVP needs to appeal to their needs and desires, as well as their frustrations, worries, problems, and pain points. When you connect in this way, you create an emotional bond.

Getting a Leg Up on Competitors Part 1

You need to offer your clients something they can’t get anywhere else. The only way to know if what you have to offer is unique is to first know what everyone else is offering and how they’re marketing it.

Getting a Leg Up on Competitors Part 2

More than knowing what your competitors are offering and how you need to know what their client relationships look like so you can do your clients one better.

How to Identify What's Truly Exceptional About Your Business

Your practice is only as good as the quality of the services you offer. Your clients need benefits only you can give them, and your services need to live up to the promise of your UVP. Learn how to size up the competition and make sure you always come out on top.

Brainstorming the Core Message of Your Unique Value Proposition

This module will walk you through how to brainstorm, methods of brainstorming, and examples of well-written UVP’s. These ideas will be a building block to writing the first draft of your UVP, covered in Part 2.

Refining and Perfecting Your Unique Value Proposition

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to put that knowledge to work. With your targeted audience in mind, use these tips to write an effective UVP that will draw clients directly to you.


Knowledge is power, and you’ve learned quite a bit about who you are and what you have to offer. Let’s review the steps to building your UVP, which is a great foundation on which to build the clientele who want you and need your services.

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